What is the Whooshkaa Play Portal?

The Whooshkaa Play Portal enables your private audiences to listen to your internal content easily.

Each tenancy that utilizes Members and Private Feeds can make use of Whooshkaa's Play Portal. In particular the Play Portal is best for organizations that use single sign-on, where users can log in directly and access content that they have been granted access to.

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The Play Portal is fully functional on both desktop and mobile devices and playback will continue in mobile devices even when locked. This enables your listeners to continue to listen whether they are working or taking a healthy stroll.

Access Via Single Sign-On (SSO)

The best way to access the Play Portal is with your organization's single sign-on method. Your members can automatically access the content that they have been granted access to by logging in via their SSO-configured account.

Listening to and Watching Content

After a successful login, your members are able to access all of their shows and listen and watch it directly in the web browser. Listeners can also opt into listening the content in external pod-catchers via a Whooshkaa Private Feed.

The Play Portal supports both audio and video content, so both your video and audio content can be played inside the portal, however keep in mind that not all pod-catchers support video.

You can control which shows are available for both listening in the Play Portal and which shows are available for listening in pod-catchers by editing the Show.