What is the Difference Between Private Landing Pages and the Play Portal?

Whooshkaa's Members and Private Feeds are two ways to access content aimed at specific individuals. This article explains the subtle difference between them.

The Whooshkaa Play Portal is a platform organizations to give their members (e.g. employees, partners, etc.) access to shows that are intended for a private audience. Access can be controlled via single sign-on (SSO) or via individual invitations. Accessing by either method will give access to the same content. The content is served via the Whooshkaa Play Portal.

When access is granted via SSO, the member will be authenticated via your organization's SSO method and as such will give you a greater level of control when it comes to both securing access and controlling the circumstances in which the members access. This is our recommended method for granting access.

When SSO is not an option, Whooshkaa supports inviting via Landing Pages. Landing Pages are individual links that give access via an email invitation to the member, who can then confirm their email address by receiving a short-term access code. The pages that  these invites lead to are called Landing Pages. 

Please note that Whooshkaa does not support password-based authentication for any member.


Play Portal Changes (December 2021)

As of December 2021, all Private Feed invites require an email address validation before access to the Landing Pages is granted. This is an additional layer of security to ensure access is granted only to those that have access to the email address. Please see this page for more information.