Using Video in Episodes

Whooshkaa supports both audio and video in podcast episodes. You can use both video and audio at the same time, or choose audio or video only.

A show on Whooshkaa can be for audio or video content. Depending on the play mode (e.g. using Apple Podcast, using Whooshkaa's embeddable player or listening on Private Landing Pages), episodes on Whooshkaa will allow the user to switch between audio and video content or take preference over either.


Note that not all Whooshkaa plans have video available and that video is disabled on tenancies by default. If your shows do not have the "Enable Video Episodes" option, speak to your account manager support to discuss how you can enable this option.

Enabling Video Episodes

Compatibility across the podcast landscape is still evolving. While some platforms such as Apple Podcasts support video content, other platforms still do not. For this reason, using video content may not always work for you and you may prefer to not enable videos on a show.

To enable video episodes, locate the "Enable Video Episodes" option in your show settings.

This will enable a video content tab in episodes for this show, where you may (optionally) upload a video file for video episodes.

When video episodes are enabled, the upload mechanism will behave differently in episodes.

  • If video episodes are not enabled, uploading video content to the episode will automatically convert the audio stream from the video file into audio to be used in the episode.
  • If video episodes are enabled, uploading videos will add them to the video content tab, allowing for different audio to also be added. Note that Whooshkaa can always extract the audio content from the video to be used in audio-only scenarios.

Compatibility of Video in Podcast Players (Podcatchers)

Compatibility for video content is still evolving in the podcast player space. Players such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify (limited), Downcast, Podcast Addict and Pocket Casts support video content, however, how they treat content with both audio and video does vary. For this reason, you should assess how you use video content in terms of your audience and always test on each intended player beforehand.

Whooshkaa's Web Player supports both audio and video content and enables the user to switch between them when both are used.