Trim an Episode's Audio via Remove Segments

Trimming audio in Whooshkaa can be done in non-destructive ways, making it easy to update content in the dashboard.

Edit an Episode using Remove Segments

The editing process in Whooshkaa is easily done as you edit your episode. Episodes that are on shows with "Advertising and Dynamic Content" enabled can make use of Remove Segments.

Remove Segments are special makers that mark audio content to be skipped by Whooshkaa's Media Delivery Engine (MDE). When the MDE comes across these markers, they are not included in the MP3 audio delivered to the listener. This makes it even easier easy to remove music or previously-marked ads (for example) from the audio that your listeners will hear.

Simply place the caret at the spot you wish to begin removing from by tapping or dragging it, click the "Add a Segment Marker" toolbar button and select "Remove Segment". After this you can adjust the range to be removed by dragging the handlers or adjusting more precisely using the Marker Details section.

Screen Shot 2021-11-09 at 10.41.37 am

Previewing Remove Segments

Once your episode has Remove Segments placed, you can preview how the episode will sound by ensuring that the "Skip Removed" option is turned on and playing back audio.


Like other markers, Remove Segments are only functional on Episodes that are on shows with "Advertising and Dynamic Content" enabled. To turn this on, Edit your Show's settings and ensure that this option is enabled.

You can still place Remove Segments onto other episodes, however, they will not be used when the audio is delivered to your listeners.