Transferring Podcast Ownership on Apple Podcasts

In order to transfer ownership on Apple Podcasts, the podcast owner first needs to verify that they have control of the podcast. This article discusses how to do that on Whooshkaa.

At times, Apple (or other platforms) may request from a podcast owner to prove their ownership of a podcast. This is generally done by placing a specific code (often a 6 digit number) into the RSS feed. The process gives the platform assurance that you are indeed the party that is in control of the show (as you are able to change the show's RSS feed) and verifies you as the owner.

For podcasts hosted on Whooshkaa, the RSS feed is generated from the data entered into the show. This makes placing this code into a Whooshkaa-hosted feed very easy.

  1. Locate the show that you wish to transfer and prove ownership over and click on Edit.
  2. On the edit form, locate the "Copyright text" field (see image below).

    Screen Shot 2021-03-12 at 12.57.55 pm
  3. Place the code into the Copyright field. If you already have copyright information, you can place this value after your copyright message.
  4. Save the show

Once you have saved the show, the RSS feed will be updated to contain the code in the <copyright> tag and you will be able to proceed with the verification process with Apple (or other platforms).


Note that the copyright message of the show will contain the code wherever it is displayed. You may want to remove the code as soon as it is no longer necessary.