Transcribe an Episode or Media File

We offer an easy way to transcribe any episode, trailer, and media file.

How to transcribe an episode or media file

Whooshkaa Transcribe allows users to transcribe audio or video content from their Episodes or their media files from the Media Library. Transcripts can be manually created or created completely automatically using AI (recommended).

Automated transcription generally lasts several minutes, depending on the audio duration. The quality of the transcript itself depends on several factors and Whooshkaa works with different partners to achieve better quality for customers. For more information, please contact our support team.

Please note that Whooshkaa does not automatically initiate transcribing of media files or episodes when they are uploaded. Users need to manually initiate a transcription event as per the following guide.

Transcribing an Episode

To transcribe an existing episode, all you need to do is the following

  1. Navigate to the show that the episode belongs to.
  2. Locate the episode in the show's Episodes tab.
  3. Click the Actions menu in the episode and locate the "Transcribe" menu item as per the image below. Click the menu item.
  4. A dialog will show, giving you the option between creating the transcript in an Automated (Whooshkaa's AI-powered transcription engine will create the transcript for you) or Manual (you create the transcript from scratch or upload an pre-created file) method.
  5. If you choose the "Automated" option dialog will pop up asking you to choose the language and the type of transcript that you would like to do. When ready, click the "Transcribe" button.
  6. If you choose the Manual method, a blank Transcript will appear giving you the option to enter the transcript from scratch, or import an existing subtitle file via the "Upload Subtitles" button: Screen Shot 2021-04-14 at 11.26.56 am 

Transcribing a Media File

To transcribe a media file from the Media Library, you can follow the following simple guide.

  • Navigate to the Media Library
  • Locate the audio media file that you would like to transcribe.
  • Click the Actions menu in the media file and locate the "Transcribe" menu item as per the image below. Click the menu item.
  • A dialog will pop up, giving you the same options as in the above "Transcribing an Episode" section.

In case you wanted to know....

💡 If you didn't use Whooshkaa's transcribe, making your transcription yourself would take approximately 5 – 6 hours for 1 audio hour