Video Highlights

Video Highlights -- often also referred to as "audograms" -- are video clips that are generated by Whoooshkaa to complement your audio highlight. These are best used as video clips shared on social media to promote your podcast show or episodes on social media. 

Creating a Video Highlight

In order to create a Video Highlight you will need to create a highlight already. For more information on that, follow steps 1-3 on this page.

With an existing audio highlight, it's easy to create a video counterpart.

  1. Locate your show in the show listing and click on it. Locate the "Highlights" tab available at the top.
  2. In the list of highlights, locate the highlight that you would like to create a Video Highlight for.

    You can either navigate to the highlight by clicking on it and then selecting the Video Highlight tab, or use the Actions menu to locate the shortcut to the Video Highlights.

    Note: Most Video Highlights support and require a transcript. If you haven't already, it's best that you create and prepare your transcript prior to the next step. In order to do this, click the "Transcribe" menu item (pictured above) and complete the process.
  3. Once in your highlight and viewing the Video Highlights tab, click the "Create a Video Highlight" button.
  4. Creating your Video Highlight involves 3 steps:
    1. Layout: This is either a square (1:1) shaped video or a rectangular (16:9) video. Click on the layout to select it and proceed to step 2. 
      Note: For platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, you are best to choose 1:1. Platforms such as YouTube are best for 16:9. 

    2. Template: The template is used to render your video. You will be presented with several samples of templates and what your highlight may look like (these are previews using sample content -- your actual render will be different). Select the template by clicking on it.
      Note: Most templates require a transcript. If you haven't already, you may create one at this step by clicking the "Create a Transcript" link.

    3. Customize Template: Templates may have several options to configure them the way you want to. Edit the options and preview your transcript. Please note that these can't be changed once the creation process begins and so you will need to confirm these prior.

  5. Once you have selected your layout, template and options, click the "Create" button. The rendering process will begin and should complete shortly. 
  6. Once you it is ready, you may download the resulting MP4 video for easy sharing to your social platform by clicking the "Download" button.

    Note: Since most social media networks optimise for mobile devices, this step is best completed on a mobile device that the post should be shared from.

Optimizing Your Video

Different social media networks have more optimal video settings. Please see this guide for more information.