Adding a file to the Media Library

You may add a file to the Media Library in two ways.

The first way is to directly upload it to the Media Library once inside that area of the dashboard. Once there, it is simply a matter of clicking the "Upload Media File" button. You will then be presented with your system file manager to select the file, after which the file will be automatically uploaded. Please note that as some files you select may be large, the upload time may last several minutes, however you may upload multiple files at once.

Media Folders: In order to upload a file into a media folder, navigate to the folder in your library prior to uploading your file. For more information around managing folders, see our How do I manage folders in the Media Library? guide.

The second way is during the selection of media, such as when uploading an episode or selecting an image. Simply select the "Add uploaded file to Media Library" option and the uploaded file will be added.

Note: Uploading files this way will always upload the media file into the top-level folder.

Deleting files from the Media Library

Files may deleted from the Media Library from the Media Library area of the dashboard. Simply locate the file that you would like to delete and click on it to activate the Details panel. Locate the "Delete" button, right under the preview, click and confirm that it is the same file. Please note, that deleting the media file that has previously been used in an episode will not remove the episode or its audio. If a file is used by another resource in your Whooshkaa dashboard, the object will be removed from your library, however a copy of the media will remain linked to the resource using it so that playback is not interrupted. Note: The linked copy of the media will not count towards your Media Library usage.

Labeling a file

In order to make locating files easier, you can add labels to Media Library files. Simply click on a file and locate the "Labels" item in the Details panel. Edit and select the labels to use in the popup dialog.

If the label you wish to use does not exist, you may create one by typing its name.

Once it's been created, you may use it for other files also.