Access to a tenancy is granted through groups. At present there are three default groups and levels of access in Whooshkaa: Administrators, Analytics users and Managers.

Administrators have access to the whole tenancy and may invite other users to join a group.

Analytics users only have access to the Insights area and can not edit any data such as shows or playlists.

Tenancy Managers have access to manage all data, but cannot edit a tenancy and cannot invite others to join. 

Show Managers have access to manage all data for only a specific show.

Edit a tenancy's details

To edit a tenancy, click on the tenancy dropdown in the left-hand navigation panel and locate the "Manage Tenancy" menu item. Click on it and you will be taken to the Manage Tenancy screen.

In the Manage Tenancy screen you are able to edit the display details as well as group access in the Details tab. Simply change the details you wish to edit and click Update.

Note that you may edit the display name, description and display image for a tenancy. If you wish to change the slug, please contact us.

Manage tenancy group access

Access to a tenancy is granted via groups, located in the Groups and Permissions tab. Each group has only specific permissions that the users in it are allowed to perform. This ensures that you have control over both who has access and how they will have access. Note that a user may belong to multiple groups at a time.

To edit a group's membership, click on the group's name and you will be taken to the edit screen. You may add and remove users from the group by either removing them from the Group Members area or inviting them via the Invite a User area.

To invite a user, simply enter their email address and click Grant Access. Users that have already signed up to Whooshkaa will be given access immediately. Users that are not signed up already will be sent an invitation to join and will be added once they have signed up.

To remove a user, simply locate it in the Group Members list and click on the minus button on the right side of the list item.