Apple Podcasts (otherwise best known as iTunes) is the world's most popular way to listen to a podcasts. Almost all podcasters publish their podcasts through to Apple Podcasts in an effort to reach the biggest audience.

Podcasts hosted with Whooshkaa are compatible with iTunes/Apple Podcasts and can be easily configured and shared to Apple Podcasts (see this guide for more information).

The way in which Apple Podcasts receives your podcast information is through your RSS feed. Changes to your podcasts are reflected in your RSS feed immediately, however this does not mean that your Apple Podcasts will reflect your changes at the same time.

Apple Podcasts will update from your RSS feed periodically and several times per day, however it can at times take between 6 and 12 hours for your show to be updated in Apple Podcasts/iTunes. If you have updated your show and you haven't seen your changes synced, please contact our support team or alternatively contact Apple support if you believe there are issues with your Apple Podcasts configuration.