The long anticipated Google Podcast App is here and if your podcast is hosted by Whooshkaa you don’t need to do a thing, your podcast is already in the Google Podcast App. 

If however you’ve input your own ‘Show Page URL’ (see below image) in your Whooshkaa show settings page, your podcast isn't discoverable by Google.

To resolve this, add a <link> tag to the web page you've inputted specifying your podcast RSS URL as follows:

<link type="application/rss+xml" rel="alternate" title="Your Podcast Title" href="Your Podcast RSS URL"/>

Replace "Your Podcast Title" with your show name. Replace "Your Podcast RSS URL" with your Whooshkaa RSS feed, here's how to find your RSS URL

Note: This tag should go into the <head>...</head> section of your web page. It should be the only <link> of type "application/ rss+xml" on the page. Wordpress often adds other 'rel=alternate' links, these should be removed. You won't be listed until Google's crawler scans your webpage, which could take anywhere from a few hours to a number of weeks. To help expedite this process, you may try adding your RSS feed URL via Google's PubSubHubbub hub. More info can be found here.

To drive more traffic to your podcast from your site, we recommend adding a button with the Google Podcasts app logo that opens directly to your podcast in the app. You can generate a direct link to create the link URL. You can also download the Google Podcasts brand assets to use our logo as a button on your site that links directly to your podcast.

Once you have obtained your Google Podcasts URL, you should add it to the show details by editing your show and entering it into the Google Podcasts URL field. It will then be displayed in your show's overview.