If you're importing your content from audioBoom to Whooshkaa you want to be sure all your information transfers and that your fans are unaware that the change took place. The following process will inform Apple Podcasts (iTunes), podcast apps and any other podcast directories that you've made the change. 

How to move from audioBoom to Whooshkaa 

1. Go to audioBoom and Export and save your analytics. All your other data (audio, images, show notes etc) will import to Whooshkaa.

2. Sign into your Whooshkaa Dashboard and navigate to "Shows & Episodes" and select "Shows". Click on the "Import a Show" button.

3. Paste in your "audioBoom RSS Feed" and click "Create." Whooshkaa will then import your show.

4. Once imported, copy your new Whooshkaa RSS feed. For more details on how to do this, see this guide.


5. Email audioBoom with the following details.

You now need to email audioBoom and request they re-direct your feed to point to your new Whooshkaa one. Simply send an email to the following effect to support@audioboom.com.


Can you please apply a 301 (if available) or iTunes <itunes:new-feed-url/> redirect for the following show as a matter of urgency as I'm moving to a new podcast host provider.


Please keep this redirect in place for a minimum of 4 weeks. Thanks in advance and please let me know once this is complete.

6. Go to Apple's Podcast Connect 

7. Click on your existing podcast. 


8. In Whooshkaa, copy your new Whooshkaa RSS feed. For more details on how to do this, see this guide.

9. In Apple's Podcast Connect, paste your new "Whooshkaa RSS feed" in the "URL text box." Then click "Save." 

Apple Podcast’s will then pick up this change. We recommend keeping your old audioBoom feed in place for a few weeks to ensure all subscribers have moved across.