Follow the below instructions if you would like to edit your episode's title, description, cover art, explicit ratings, Apple Podcast tags and advertising cue points.


How to edit an existing episode


1. Sign into your Whooshkaa account, select “Shows & Episodes” from the side menu on the left. Now click the "Episodes" button on the show that the episode belongs to.


2. Locate the episode you would like to edit and click on the title of the episode. You will be taken to the "Edit" screen.

3. Edit your episode and then click "Update" 

Your episode will be updated immediately in Whooshkaa, however there may be some time before your audience syncs and receives the update.

Changing episode numbers

Note if you change an episode's number, this will cause the other episodes in the current season to 're-flow' around the new number. For example, if you edit episode number 10 in a season, and change the episode number to 1, the 'old' episode number 1 will be re-numbered to 2 and so on.