Launching a Podcast Show is similar to creating a website or blog; it requires a few key elements:

  • Planning
  • Content
  • Distribution and Promotion
  • Measurement 

Here's a checklist of things you need to know before you start:



  • Content - Are you talking about specific topics and issues, or something broader.
  • Format -  Are you making a talk show, something educational or comedy skits? How long will your show be? 
  • Goals - Are you just building a following, doing it for fun or does this podcast serve a purpose (eg. sending traffic to a site to buy a product.) Be clear on why you're doing it before you start
  • Branding - You'll need the following:
    • A snappy, memorable and unique name
    • Cover art/ logo - Sites like 99Designs can be a great place to get this done
    • Intro/ outro music - Using real music can get you into legal trouble, so consider using royalty free-music or get a jingle made
    • Website - will you need one? Sites like SquareSpace can be a great and easy place to get a site up and running

Recording and Production

See our helpful guide on How to get started with podcasting

Distribution and Promotion

See our helpful guides on Distributing your content and Promoting your content 


Our Analytics Dashboard which is coming soon will make it easy and straightforward to know how well your podcast is performing.

Additionally, learn more about how to promote your podcast.