Single Sign-On (SSO) and Self-Serve Links

You can invite listeners to a private show using an individual invite, bulk import or allowing Whooshkaa to auto provision users on your behalf!

Single Sign-On (SSO) and Self-Serve Links

As a tenancy admin or manager, you may invite listeners to a private show using an individual invite, or invite several people at once using a bulk import. For more information about these, please see this guide.

Users may also be given the ability to give themselves access by being part of an organization's single sign-on (SSO) infrastructure or a self-serve link shared.

Single Sign-On

Whooshkaa's preferred method for authenticated access to private feeds is via single sign-on. This gives organizations the control over onboarding their employees easier, as well as controlling access from a central location.

Whooshkaa has direct support for SAML2 as well as Okta.

For more information or to configure SSO for your private feeds, please contact your account manager or Whooshkaa Support.

Self-Serve Links with Auto-Provisioning

Listeners may also be given the ability to sign up themselves by using a self-serve link. As long as the user is given the correct link for the show (or show group) and has an email address at a domain that is white-listed for that show (or show group), the user can send themselves an invite to the show. Alternatively, for Tenancies that are part of an Organization with Single Sign-on enabled, administrators can choose to have their listeners automatically provisioned on login.

To share a self-serve invite via a link, please follow these steps.

  1. Locate and navigate to the show you wish to invite them to.

  2. Locate the Private Feeds tab and click it.

  3. Ensure you have "Auto Provisioning" enabled via the Customize section.
    Note: This step is only required if you would like Whooshkaa to provision Private Feeds for your SSO users automatically on login. If your organization does not have SSO enabled or you would like to provision feeds for your SSO users manually, you may skip this step.
    1. Select the Customize button
    2. Navigate to the "Provisioning" tab.
      Note: This tab will only be available if your Tenancy is part of an Organization which has Single Sign-on enabled for Private Feeds.

    3. Toggle the "Enable Auto Provisioning" switch to the On position.
    4. Click Save to commit the change.
  4. Click the "Invite" button and select the Invite via Link option from the menu. Observe the dialog popup.

  5. Enter the domains that you would like to accept email addresses from. Please ensure that you enter the domain only and don't include other parts of the email address.
    Note: you may enter more than one domain by separating them on a new line. In the screenshot below, 3 domains are entered (,, and

  6. Observe the Self-Serve Link field and the URL in that field. Copy the URL and use it as the link that you share with your desired listeners. Please note that only one link may be active at a time and this link may be "re-generated" at any time.

  7. To disable this functionality at any time, uncheck the Enable Self-Serve Link checkbox. Please note that this does not disable existing feeds, however will disable the above link for future feeds.

  8. To commit the changes (including the re-generated URL, if changed), click Save.

In case you wanted to know....

💡 Where does the word podcast come from? The term Podcast is actually a portmanteau of iPod and Broadcast