Sharing a Video Highlight on Social Media

Podcast Video Highlights often referred to as "audiograms" are easy to create with a click of a button!

How to share a video highlight on social media

Creating and managing a Video Highlight

See more on how to do from this article. This article may help you select the right options for creating video snippets of your podcast episodes with Whooshkaa.

Optimal and Maximum Video Duration

The following are the maximum durations for video content on social media. Sharing your podcast on social media should fit within these. We highly recommend that you keep your highlight length short. In addition, it may work better for you to release multiple video highlights per episode to highlight specific sections of your episode.

  • Twitter: 02:20
  • Instagram: 01:00
  • Instagram Stories: 00:15
  • Snapchat: 00:10
  • Facebook: 10:00
  • Tik Tok: 00:15