Promoting Your Podcast

Promote your podcast to see your audience and revenue grow!

Promoting Your Podcast

Here are some basic tips and methods for you to begin promoting your Show, both online and offline:

  1. Submit your Show to iTunes - with over 60 million users it's the world's largest podcast directory.
  2. Submit your Show to Google Play Music - Google Play Podcasts will be available in 2016 and should quickly grow.
  3. Your network - let your co-workers, associates, friends, and family know you're starting a podcast, particularly if it's relevant to a field they work in, or to someone they might know.
  4. Social media - leverage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks to find communities who are interested in what you're talking about. Create social media pages for your Show, talk about your chosen topic then encourage your audience to follow you and join the discussion.
  5. Ask your audience for referrals - ask them in each episode to leave a review on iTunes (which will help your rankings.) or to share the podcast on their social media channels. 
  6. Visit relevant forums - find forums for your particular topic and spread the word
  7. Guest appearances on other podcasts - get in touch with podcasters who talk about similar topics to yours and ask to do a guest appearance. You'd be surprised how often people will say yes!
  8. Attend relevant functions, Meetups, and conferences - get your networking shoes on and let people know why your podcast will benefit them.

Whatever you do - don't be spammy!

In case you wanted to know....