Manage Show Groups

You can group multiple shows together for easier control

How to Manage Show Groups

This makes the use of features such as Whooshkaa's Insights, Private Feeds and Single Sign-on (SSO) easier to manage across multiple shows.

Creating a Show Group

  1. Click Shows & Episodes and select Show Groups on the left side menuClick Create Show Group

  2. Fill out the following details and click Create
    1. Title (Required) - the title of your Show Group
    2. Description (Optional) - the description for your Show Group
    3. Shows (Optional) - this field is optional as it allows you to draft out your show group details and add shows when you're ready. 

Editing a Show Group

  1. Select the show group you wish to edit but clicking on its title or the Edit button from the Actions dropdown menu.

  2. Make any changes as required and click the Update button when ready.

Deleting a Show Group

If you would like to remove your Show Group you can do so by deleting it through the Whooshkaa Dashboard. 


This will remove all data associated with the Show Group, however the Shows within the group will not be affected in any way.

  1. Click the Actions menu of the Show Group you wish to delete
  2. Select the "Delete" option from the menu. This will show a confirmation screen.

  3. Select Confirm to delete the Show Group

    In case you wanted to know....

    💡 Show Groups are only beneficial when you have multiple shows in your group.