Managing Private Feeds via CSV

Create multiple Private Feeds at once by uploading a CSV.

How to manage private feeds via CSV

Feeds can be managed individually via the dashboard (see this guide for more information), or they can be edited in bulk via a CSV file, here's how.

Managing Private Feeds for single Shows

To manage Private Feeds for a single Show:

  1. Navigate to the Show settings page
  2. Switch to the Private Feeds tab

  3. You will notice a table (or cards on mobile view) listing the private feeds for the show

Managing Private feeds for a Show Group

To manage Private Feeds for a Show Group:

  1. Navigate to the show group via the main navigation menu: Shows & Episodes > Show Groups
  2. Edit the Show Group

  3. Switch to the Private Feeds tab

Creating the CSV File

The CSV file that Whooshkaa requires these column headings:

  1. name
  2. email

The columns must be in this order and must be in the first row.

A value is required in each row for the name and email columns.

An additional, third column can be added if you wish to regenerate tokens for existing Private Feeds.

This should be the third column in the spreadsheet and it should be labelled update_token

The update_token column does not require a value. When a blank value is present in this column, it will be ignored, otherwise adding a "y" (or "yes") value to this column will regenerate a new token for the user in that row.

In your spreadsheet software (e.g. Excel or Google Sheets), start a new spreadsheet with the required columns.

Add a new row for each Private Feed.

When you have finished, export it as a CSV file:

  • In Microsoft Excel, go to File > Save As and in the dialog set the File Format as CSV UTF-8 (Comma-delimited) (.csv)
  • In Google Sheets, go to File > Download > Comma-separated values (.csv, current sheet)

Uploading a CSV File

With a completed CSV file, you may bulk update several records at once. 

To begin the process, click the "Invite" button and select the "Bulk Import Listeners" button. Observe the popup dialog.

There are two ways to do this. You may either:

  • Upload to append new records only; or
  • Upload to update all records and append new records.

If you would like the former option above, select Keep the existing values; otherwise select Update with the imported values

You may also select to send an email to all updated and new users by checking the Send email invitations to imported users checkbox.

Select the file from your machine and ensure that it is the intended CSV file in the right format.

When you are ready, click Import. The upload and processing will begin. Depending on the size of your list, the process should take a few minutes to complete.