Locating and managing an ad campaign

Locating and managing an ad campaign

Whooshkaa's Campaign Manager is an easy and powerful way to dynamically inject advertising into your episodes. Via the Campaign Manager, you can create campaigns that play across all listens, specific shows, specific geographic audiences -- even target down to a specific device type!

Locating the Campaign Manager

The Whooshkaa Campaign Manager can be found on the left-hand navigation menu under Campaigns

Whooshkaa Campaign Manager is only accessible to Tenancy Managers and Administrators users.

Navigating Campaigns

The different tabs on the top of the management screen are predefined filters that help you locate a campaign in its life cycle.


These campaigns have not yet been published.


These campaigns have been published and are currently valid.

Campaigns may be active however have constraints on them that stop them from executing. They will still list here.


These campaigns have been published, however are not active as they will begin and end at a future date.


These campaigns were published in the past, however have expired as their end date is at a past date.


This filter lists all campaigns, irrelevant of their publish or expiry state.


Locating and viewing a campaign

To view a campaign, locate it in the list of campaigns on the Campaign Management screen and click on its Title. You may also search for specific campaigns by their title by using the search field.