iTunes / Apple Podcasts Displaying Episodes the Wrong Order

Depending on your settings in Whooshkaa your episodes will have an impact on the order in which they appear!

Check your settings

Episodic vs Serial shows

Apple Podcasts and other popular podcatchers support two types of podcasts: episodic and serial. Both of these can be selected in your show settings in Whooshkaa, however, they will have an impact on the order in which the episodes appear in both your RSS feed and in Apple Podcasts.

Episodic podcasts are for shows where you would like your listeners to listen to the latest episode of your content first. A good example of "episodic" podcasts are news and current affairs types of shows.

Serial podcasts are shows in which your listeners are best to consume your podcast in a specific order of episodes, where you may have one or more series and each series has a specific order for the episodes. 

You should use episodic if you would like your show's episodes to be listed from newest to the oldest, by the publish date. Otherwise, if you would like to sort your episodes in the RSS feed by the series and episode number in the series, you should use the serial option.

Apple Podcasts ordering

If you find that your episodes are in the incorrect order, it is most likely that it is related to the type of show as well as the attributes of the episode.

Troubleshoot Tips

  • Check the type of show is correct. As above, whether the show is episodic or serial makes a difference.
  • Check the publish date of the episode. By default, episodes in Whooshkaa take the time at which they are created as the publish date and time. Ensure that the ordering sequence is correct by checking the publish date is in the correct order.
  • Check the season number in the episode. For shows that are "serial", the season number is important.

Apple Podcasts is still not showing correctly

Apple Podcasts may take several hours to sync the changes you have made in your shows. Please read more about this here.