How to submit your show to Spotify

Whooshkaa has a direct integration with Spotify, meaning that your show is only moments away from being Spotify too!

How to submit your show to Spotify

To submit, log in as the show owner, go to your show's Overview page and click on the "Submit to Spotify" button. Review the terms and conditions and if you agree, hit "Submit". That's all there is to it.


The show will then be submitted and be available on Spotify within the next 24 hours (usually much faster than this).

How to claim your show on Spotify

The above will submit your show via Whooshkaa's Spotify For Podcasters account. If you would like to see your Show listed in your Spotify For Podcasters account, access Spotify statistics and more, you will need to "claim" your Show on Spotify.

1. Log in to Spotify For Podcasters

Visit and log in to your existing Spotify account or click "Get Started" to create a new account.


2. Add or claim your podcast

From the main menu, choose "Add or claim your podcast".


3. Enter your Whooshkaa RSS Feed

Locate your Whooshkaa RSS feed for the show you wish to claim. Enter this when prompted and click "Next" to proceed.


4. Confirm your Show

Spotify will identify if your Show is already listed in Spotify. If so, you will have the opportunity to "claim" it. Click "Next" to proceed.


5. Verify ownership of the Show

In order to verify that you are the owner of the Show, Spotify will send a one-time, unique code to the feed email address.

The feed email address is configured by you in Whooshkaa when creating or editing a Show. You will find it in the "Author Email" field.

You must have access to receive email at this address in order to receive the verification code from Spotify. If not, you should update the "Author Email" field in your Show settings to one you can access.

When you receive the verification code from Spotify enter it in the relevant field and click "Next".


Follow the remaining steps to "Review and submit" your claim. Your ownership of the Show is verified with Spotify and you will find it in your Spotify For Podcasters "Catalog".