How to submit your show to Google Podcasts

If your show has a Whooshkaa Show Page enabled, you generally don't need to do anything to get your podcast on Google Podcasts.

How to submit your show to Google Podcasts

Whooshkaa Show Pages

If your show has a Whooshkaa Show Page enabled, you generally don't need to take action. Whooshkaa Show Pages automatically include the necessary markup to list on Google, hence you do not need to make the changes unless you want to serve a custom show page (in which case, see below). Whooshkaa Show Pages also perform additional steps to expedite the process, however, it is still a process that is largely up to Google's crawler (see Important notice below).

Please note that Whooshkaa will not automatically discover your Google Podcasts URL. In order to link to Google Podcasts from the Show Page and the embedded player, you will need to enter the URL for your show by editing it.

Custom Show Pages

If you have a custom show page URL and have configured it for your show, ‘Show Page URL’ (see below image) in your Whooshkaa show settings page, your podcast may not be discoverable by Google Podcasts.

To resolve this, add a <link> tag to the web page you've inputted specifying your podcast RSS URL as follows:

<link type="application/rss+xml" rel="alternate" title="Your Podcast Title" href="Your Podcast RSS URL"/>

This tag should go into the <head>...</head> section of your web page. It should be the only <link> of type "application/ rss+xml" on the page. Some content management systems (such as WordPress) often add other rel=alternate links. If you have one of these, it should be removed. 


In order to get listed on Google Podcasts, the Google's Search crawler will need to scan your webpage. This may take anywhere between a few hours to a number of weeks. Please take this into account when preparing to publish your show.


To help expedite this process, you may try adding your RSS feed URL via Google's PubSubHubbub hub. More information can be found Google's documentation pages

Claiming Your Show With Google Podcasts Manager

While it's not required, there are benefits to claiming your show with Google Podcasts Manager.

In order to claim your show, you must have direct ownership over your show's email address. To do this, navigate to the Add and Verify Wizard on the Google Podcasts Manager page and complete the guided process. Please note that you may require a Google email account (not necessarily the same email as the one in your RSS feed). More information is available here.

Driving More Traffic

To drive more traffic to your podcast from your site, we recommend adding a button with the Google Podcasts app logo that opens directly to your podcast in the app. You can generate a direct link to create the link URL. You can also download the Google Podcasts brand assets to use our logo as a button on your site that links directly to your podcast.

Once you have obtained your Google Podcasts URL, you should add it to the show details by editing your show and entering it into the Google Podcasts URL field. It will then be displayed in your show's overview.

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