How to share your show on social media

Sharing your podcast is an effective way of getting your followers to hear your podcast!

How to share your show on social media

You can share across any social network using the below steps.


Go to Whooshkaa

1. Sign into your Whooshkaa Dashboard, select “My Shows & Episodes” from the side menu on the left and locate your show to submit. Click on the "Overview" button or the show's title.


2. The "Overview" tab has a field titled "Public Show Page URL". Click the "Share" button next to the address.

3. Select the network from the popup menu to share and click its button.


Creating and Sharing Episode Highlights

Another way to share your content on social media is to share a snippet of an episode: a "Highlight". In Whooshkaa, highlights can be created in both an audio form and a video form, which may be more suited to to more visual platforms. See here for more information on creating a highlight.


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