Managing User Access to a Tenancy

Groups and Permissions allow you to manage user access to your tenancy.

Access to a Tenancy

In order for a User to get access to a Tenancy, they must be invited to a Whooshkaa User Group. User Groups belong to the Tenancy are the relationship between the Tenancy and a User. As their primary function, User Groups define the permissions that the Users within it are granted on the Tenancy.

User Groups may be System Groups or Custom Groups.

System Groups

Every Tenancy starts off with some System Groups. These groups are the foundation of permissions and access and can have their users added and removed, titles and descriptions modified, but not the Group's permissions may not be modified nor can these Groups be deleted.

The following three Groups are available in all Tenancies:

  1. Administrators: Users have access to the whole tenancy and can invite users to join a group.
  2. Insights: Users only have access to the Insights / analytics area and can not edit any data.
  3. Managers: Users have access to manage all data, but cannot edit a tenancy or add users.

In addition to the above System Groups, when users are granted access to a Show only, a System Group will be created for that show and the Users will be granted access through it.  Note that these Show Managers have access to manage all data for only a specific show only, unless they are a member of another Group which gives them greater privileges.

Custom Groups

While the Whooshkaa System Groups will suffice for most users, others may require Custom Groups in order to define specific user permissions.

To create a Group, click the Create a Custom Group button and complete the name and description.

Screen Shot 2021-05-31 at 4.55.38 pm

The Group will have no permissions granted through it by default. In order to add more, locate the Permissions expansion panel at the bottom and add specific permissions to it. 

Screen Shot 2021-05-31 at 4.55.55 pm

Like any other Group, you may add and remove users as per the guide below.

Single Sign-On Access and Directories

Whooshkaa supports single sign-on and Enterprise directory integration for customers. This allows custom relations to be established between directory groups (e.g. Azure AD or Okta) and Whooshkaa User Groups, so that access to a Tenancy may be controlled purely through directory group membership. The provisioning and de-provisioning of users is handled automatically and allows you to manage access at scale.

If you would like to discuss these options, please contact your account manager.

Managing Whooshkaa User Groups

Managing Users in a Group

Click on the group's name and you will be taken to the edit screen. You will see two sections Group Members and Invite a User. You can add and remove users from both of these sections. 

Invite a User

Enter their email address and click Grant Access. Users that have already signed up to Whooshkaa, will be given access immediately. Users that are not signed up already will be sent an invitation to join and will be added once they have signed up.

Remove a User

Locate that user in the Group Members section and click on the minus button.

In case you wanted to know....

💡 A user may belong to multiple groups at a time