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Getting Started With Dynamic Advertising For Your Podcast

The Campaign Manager solution provides podcasters an easy way to create, target, run and report on advertising campaigns in their podcasts!

How to add dyanmic advertising

Whooshkaa's dynamic ad injection is powered by the Whooshkaa Campaign Manager

  1. A show (with Advertising Enabled turned on) and an episode to advertise on
  2. Cue-points placed in the episode for mid-rolls (if you are running mid-rolls, see this article)
  3. Audio creative for the ad
  4. A campaign with a valid flight

For more information on creating a show, you can refer to our support guides on creating a show, or for more information on the specific fields when setting up campaigns or flights, please see this page .

Example campaign (pre-rolls)

If you are running mid-rolls, you will need to create cue-points for them, so that the Campaign Manager knows where to place the ads. For this example, we will assume that you are only running a pre-roll.

  1. Navigate to your show's Edit page and ensure that the Enable Advertising checkbox is selected. If it is not, enable it and click Update
  2. Navigate to the Campaigns area of the dashboard.
  3. Click on the Create a Campaign button.
  4. In the About section, enter the title My first campaign and My advertiser for the Advertiser field.
  5. In the Duration section, enter a valid date in the past and a date in the future. There is no need to enter a time.
  6. In the Impressions section, enter the price for 1000 impressions - for this example we'll say $125. Enter 1,000 for the pre-roll target and $125 for the pre-roll CPM. This specifies that we wish to run 1,000 pre-rolls for this period, with the value of $125 per 1,000 impressions.
  7. In the Pacing section, select ASAP as your pace.
  8. In the Shows section, click Add / Remove Show and select the show you wish to advertise on by locating it and using the "Target Show" button. If your show is not in this list, please ensure that the Enable Advertising option is selected in your show. Click the Save button in the show select dialog to set your choice.
  9. At this point there is no need to set any other options, so we can click the "Create" button to create the campaign.
  10. The campaign you have created will appear. This campaign is not running as we need to create a flight.
  11. To create a flight, click the Add Flight button. The flight form will appear.
  12. The flight requires a name, so we will give it the name Pre-roll
  13. In the Impressions section, select Pre-roll for the Spot and 1000 for the Target fields. This tells the Campaign Manager that this flight should serve pre-rolls, but never serve more than 1,000 impressions.
  14. In the Media section, click the area and select a file to use as the ad. After the upload, the file will be available for serving.
  15. As we do not need to select any more shows (since we have selected them for the campaign) the flight will inherit the shows from the campaign.
  16. Click the Save button to complete.
  17. We now have a valid campaign and a valid flight. You can test listening to an episode with an ad (see note below).
  18. To publish the campaign and make it available for serving to the world, click the Publish button. The campaign will begin serving immediately.
  19. In the Analyze tab, you can monitor the progress (you will need to refresh the page to see updates). Please note that there could be a delay of a few minutes between a listen and the data appearing here.

Listeners of an episode are served only a single version of the ads in an episode so that there is a consistent listening experience. If you have already listened to the episode without an ad, you will not hear the ad in it, or changes that you make to the episode. In the case that you do experience this issue while testing, try listening on a different web browser or different device.

In case you wanted to know....

💡For more information on the Campaigns Manager, please read more here

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