Getting Started For Enterprise

This page contains the most commonly visited support documentation for enterprise clients.

Getting Started

Browser Requirements

Welcome to your new account

What is a tenancy?

How to choose or switch between tenancies

Protecting your account using multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Shows (Podcasts)

Create a Show

Edit an existing Show

Deleting a Show

Manage Show Groups

Finding and sharing your RSS Feed

How to submit your Show to Apple Podcasts

How to submit your Show to Spotify

How to share your Show on social media

How to embed your Show on a website

How to create a custom embeddable playlist

Private Shows (Private Podcasts)

Create a private Show

Adding, managing and sharing an individual private feed

Managing private feeds via CSV

Subscribe to a private feed


Create an Episode

Using video in Episodes

Edit an existing Episode

Record an Episode

How to embed an Episode on a website

How to create and share a highlight from an Episode

Media Library

What is the Media Library?

Manage files in the Media Library

Manage folders in the Media Library


Transcribe an Episode or Media Library file

View, edit, delete and / or download transcripts


Create an audio file from text

Insights (Analytics)

Insights overview

Filter Insights by Show Group

Who is listening to my podcast?

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