Embed episode in a website using a custom player

The Whooshkaa Embed Player is an easy widget for you to embed a podcast onto your webiste!

Embed episode in a website using a custom player

The Whooshkaa web player is an easy way to embed a podcast episode on a website. This will be enough for most users and podcasts.

In the case that this option does not work for you or you have a player that you need to use instead, Whooshkaa has been designed in a way to make this an option also.  There are a few important guidelines and steps that you have to follow.

  1. Grab the URL of the episode from the dashboard in your show's episodes area via the Actions menu. This is found in Shows > Episodes > Actions > Copy Audio URL.
  2. The URL of the episode must be used exactly as provided by Whooshkaa. This also means that in cases where it redirects to another location (e.g. a 302 redirect), you must not use the location to which it is redirected to as this may change in the future.
  3. URLs may change after updating episodes. In this case, you should check that the URL you are using is the same as provided by step 1 above.
  4. Do not allow preloading in players. In particular for web-players and <audio> tags, preload="none" . This will prevent them from simulating a listen.
  5. Do not implement autoplay as this may have a poor experience for your listeners and may negatively impact your listen analytics.
  6. Understand that Whooshkaa serves dynamic content. This means that the content, the duration of the episode, the waveform, the cover art, transcripts and all other parts of the episode may be different for each listen. For this reason, it's important to not cache content and not proxy content.
  7. Contact us with any queries or if you would like to discuss your use case -- we may have some further tips for you.

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