Creating and sharing a highlight from an episode

Share a teaser of your episode to get your audience hooked and coming back for more!

Creating and sharing a highlight from an episode

In Whooshkaa you can create shorter clips of your episodes to share on social media, we call these 'Highlights'. A highlight can have an audio form as well as be created as a video (included on Semi-Pro, Pro, and Business plans). The steps for creating a video highlight include the following steps as well as those outlined on this page.

How to create and share a Highlight from an episode

1. Sign into your Whooshkaa account, select “Shows & Episodes” from the side menu on the left. Now click the "Episodes" button on the show that the episode belongs to.

2. You can create a new highlight in two ways. One way is to go directly to the episode click the “Actions” button, followed by clicking the “Create Highlight" menu item. The other way is to navigate to the "Highlights" tab and clicking "Create Highlight". The second method will prompt you to choose the episode from a search dialog.

First method

Second method

3. Crop your episode into a shorter clip by dragging the crop slider back and forth or by using the timecode markers, located on the right side of the toolbar. When you’re done, click “Create”.

Please note that highlights have a maximum duration of 5 minutes. For the best experience on social media, your highlight should be 10-30 seconds long. In addition, certain platforms have limits on the duration of video they allow (more information available on the this page).

4. Locate the highlight in the "Highlights" tab of the show. You can now embed or share your highlight by clicking the "Actions" button and selecting "Embed" or "Share".


In case you wanted to know....

💡 Please note that all of the highlights you've created for a show may be found in the "Highlights" tab of the show.