Create a Private Show

Create a show that is intended for private listeners only.

Please note you will need to be on a Whooshkaa plan that has this functionality enabled.

How to create a private Show

If you intend for all Episodes of your Show to private, accessed by Private Feeds, then you can configure this at a Show level.

To do so, set the relevant toggle labelled "Private Only" in your Show's Advanced Settings.

Private Settings

Private Only

Togging this switch on will only allow new episodes to be created as "private". Please note that this doesn't change settings for existing episodes and they will need to be individually modified.

Enable Private RSS Feeds

Individual Private Feeds can have an individual RSS feed available, giving your members a way to access the content in a third-party pod-catcher. This can be a fantastic way for your audience to consume content on the go, however may not be suitable for more sensitive content as RSS links can be easily shared. Toggling this setting on or off controls whether the RSS feeds are available. 


💡 You should also ensure the following settings are configured for your Show:

→ Disable the Whooshkaa Show Page toggle
→ Disable the Public RSS feed toggle

Share a Private Show with Listeners

In order for a listener to subscribe or listen to a private Show, they need access to a Private Feed. Once a user has a Private Feed, they can access the content either via the Play Portal, or via a Landing Page.

You can learn how to create and share Private Feeds here: Adding, Managing and Sharing Private Feeds.

Accessing a Private Feed via Single Sign-On

In addition to sharing private feeds with your audience, organizations that operate an identity provider (SAML) may also integrate to allow their users to sign in using their single sign-on credentials. This makes it easy for listeners such as business staff to simply log into a Whooshkaa Show Groups page using their usual work credentials and access all of their private feeds and shows in one place.

You can learn more about this option here: Single Sign-On (SSO) and Self-Serve Links

Shows with both Public and Private Episodes

It is possible to create a Show with a mix of both public and private Episodes.

To do so, you should not set your Show to "Private Only" as outlined above, but instead set individual Episodes to "Private Only".

You can learn how to do this here: Create a Private Episode.