Create Private Show

With a click of button, you can create secure private shows & episodes for specific listeners

How to create a private show

Whooshkaa's Private Feeds enable you to create a show that has episodes intended for a private audience. Whether you would like to make the whole show private or only a selection of the episodes (e.g. to give premium episodes to a selected few subscribers), it is easily done through the Whooshkaa dashboard.

Please note that in order to enable a Private Episode and create Private Feeds, you will need to be on a Whooshkaa plan that has this functionality enabled.

Private Feeds

In order for a listener to subscribe or listen to a private episode, they need to use a Private Feed. A Private Feed is very similar to an RSS feed (and is fully compatible) with the difference that it contains a private portion of the URL (token) in it that is individual to a particular subscriber. With this URL, users can subscribe using their podcast app and listen to private content, giving you the assurance that the public cannot access this content.

Private Feed URLs should not be shared between users. Each feed URL should only be provided to individual listeners. If a feed is discovered to have been shared, the feed should have its token changed and the new feed should be shared with the intended listener only.

Accessing via Private Feed and Single Sign-On

In addition to sharing private feeds with your audience, organizations that operate an identity provider (SAML) may also integrate to allow their users to sign in using their single sign-on credentials. This makes it easy for listeners such as business staff to simply log into a Whooshkaa Show Groups page using their usual work credentials and access all of their private feeds and shows in one place.

Setting an Episode as Private

In order to set an episode as "private", you can easily edit it and locate the Private Only setting. This will keep the episode out of the public RSS feeds. With this option enabled, when the episode gets published it will not be accessible to those that are not using a private feed.

Managing and Sharing Private Feeds

Private Feeds may be managed one-by-one or as a bulk upload via a CSV file. In addition to this, customers with access to Whooshkaa's API may also do this programmatically.

For more information on adding, editing, sharing, and deleting individual private feeds, click here.

For more information on managing private feeds via CSV, click here.


Private episodes will not be listed on the public-facing pages or in the public RSS feed, however, disabling the above stops your show information from being displayed to the public users.


In case you wanted to know....

💡 If you do not wish to publish any public episodes in the feed, don't forget to:

→ Disable the Whooshkaa Show Page
Disable the Public RSS feed

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