Attribution and Pixel Tracking URLs

If you are using third-party attribution and pixel tracking services, Whooshkaa can integrate via Tracking URLs.

Whooshkaa's Tracking URLs can be integrated at campaign, flight or episode level and can notify of user activity when integrated. To integrate this functionality, please contact your Whooshkaa account or campaign manager.

Please note that this is provided by request only and we require that all implementations have a contractual agreement that protects the privacy and data of all users and customers.

Integrating Pixel URLs

The pixel URLs can be integrated by swapping the placeholder (template) parameters with Whooshkaa's parameters. Each Whooshkaa parameter is wrapped in a ${...} combination, so that it doesn't clash with other formats. For example, the campaign_id parameter is expressed as ${campaign_id}. Whooshkaa will perform a simple string-swap for each of these in a URL.


The following parameters are supported.


IP address if the listening/viewing party.


User agent string of the viewing/listening party.


ID of the Whooshkaa show being played.


ID of the Whooshkaa episode being played.


ID of the campaign being notified for.


ID of the flight being notified for.


Timestamp of the delivery of the notification.


Random string to avoid caching issues.