Add a new episode

After you create your show, now you are ready to create en episode!

Add a new episode

Once you've created your show, you can upload your episodes.

1. Click on Shows & Episodes then select Shows from the side menu on the left. If the table is empty, you'll need to create a show  first.

2. Locate the show you wish to add an episode for and click on the Episodes button.

3. If you have no episodes for the show yet, you will be greeted with the following screen. Click on the Create an Episode button.

If you do have episodes for this show already, click Create Episode button at the top of the screen.

4. Upload your episode audio (or video, for flash briefings) by drag-and-dropping it into the upload area, or selecting a file using your file browser. Once the upload begins, you will be able to fill in your episode's information.

  • Episode Media File - your episode files must be MP3, M4A, OGG, MP4 files, WAV or WMA files. They also need to be under 200MB and we recommend you use a bitrate of 128kbps. If you provide a video file for a flash briefing, the audio track will be used if no separate audio file is provided.
  • Episode ID3 tags - Whooshkaa only supports ID3v2 tags. Please ensure that your ID3 tags are optimized for your listeners and that you follow the IAB recommended guidelines of keeping these under 300kb.

3. Fill in all the information fields, upload your file then click Create

  • Title - what is the name of your show?
  • Description - how would you describe your episode in more detail?
  • Summary - a brief summary displayed in players and directories (if you leave this blank, one will be derived from the description)
  • Cover Art - use this if you would like an episode to have a different cover image to your show’s cover image. The required image size is a minimum of 1400 x 1400 pixels and a maximum of 3000 x 3000 pixels, ideally under 1MB. If no episode cover image is uploaded, you show's main cover image will be used.
  • Show - your show’s name. Note: this will be pre-filled depending on the show you were in when you created the episode.
  • Type - select Full, Trailer or Bonus

Full - use when submitting a full episode

Trailer - use when submitting a short, promotional piece of content

Bonus - use when submitting extra content for your show

  • Season - select a season. If your season is not yet available, you can create it .
  • Episode - select an episode number. Note if you select an episode number other than the latest, this will cause other episodes in the season to "re-flow". For example, if you have 10 episodes in a season, and you create a new episode and give it episode number 5, when you save the 'old' episode will be re-numbered to episode 6 and so forth.
  • Tags - label your episode with keywords (press Enter or Tab after each one) to make it easier for users to find. Provide detailed episode keywords, host/guest names and more.
  • URL - (optional) Specify your episode's page external to Whooshkaa.
  • Release Date and Time - select the time and date you’d like your episode to be released. Note the time zone in the Time field that these are specific for.
  • Explicit Rating - choose between Clean and Explicit. Explicit if your show contains explicit content or language. 
  • Normalize Loudness - specify the loudness setting for your episode. When configured, this setting allows you to specify the loudness level for your episode from one of the recommended levels by iTunes, Google Podcasts or the Amazon Alexa team. Note: This setting will initially be inherited from the parent Show setting and for some outputs may be ignored as they require a specific loudness.

4. Once you've uploaded your episode, you can see it by clicking Shows & Episodes from the side menu on the left. Then click on your show’s name

Now you're ready to Submit your show to Apple Podcasts  and the other podcast directories .

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