If you're importing your content from Squarespace to Whooshkaa you want to be sure all your information transfers and that your fans are unaware that the change took place. The following process will inform Apple Podcasts (iTunes), podcast apps and any other podcast directories that you've made the change.


How to move from Squarespace to Whooshkaa


Go to Squarespace

1. Export and save your analytics. All your other data (audio, images, show notes etc) will import to Whooshkaa.


2. In the Home Menu, click Settings, and then click Domains

If you have a Built-In Domain, copy the URL and add the following in black.


For custom domains, you'll add www. followed by the full URL (including .com, .net, etc) that appears under Squarespace Domains or Third-Party Domains:


Go to Whooshkaa


1. Sign into your Whooshkaa account, select "Import Your Show via RSS." 

2. Paste in your "Squarespace RSS Feed" and select “Import.” Whooshkaa will then import your show.


3. Once imported, "Copy" your new "Whooshkaa RSS feed."


Go to Squarespace

1. In the Home Menu, click Pages.

2. Hover over your podcasting Blog Page title, and click the gear-icon next to the title to open Blog Page Settings.

3. Click the Syndication tab.

4. Under iTunes / Podcasting Setup, click Edit Settings.

5. Scroll down to Change your feed URL. 

6. Select Moving from Squarespace.

7. Enter your Whooshkaa RSS feed in the box.

8. Click Save.


Note: Deleting the Blog Page or cancelling your site will disable the 301 redirect. Apple recommends maintaining the 301 redirect and therefore your Squarespace Blog/Site for at least four weeks.


Go to Apple's Podcast Connect


1. Click on your existing podcast.


2. In Whooshkaa, "Copy" your new "Whooshkaa RSS feed."


3. In Apple's Podcast Connect, paste your new "Whooshkaa RSS feed" in the "URL text box." Then click "Save." Apple Podcast’s will then pick up this change.