Apple has released iOS 11 including new features for its podcasting app. 

Here's what's new and what you’ll need to do to ensure your content is ready.

Where to start

In the past, podcast apps have assumed listeners want to start with the most recent episode, rather than at the beginning. The Apple Podcast app will now distinguish between two different types of content:

  • Episodic: For content where listeners are served the most recent episode first, following how the system has traditionally worked.
  • Serial: A new method for chronological content, that should be consumed from the first episode to last.

How to update your existing show

1. Sign into your Whooshkaa account, select “My Shows & Episodes” from the side menu on the left. Now select "Update" next to your show.

2. Adjust your show "Type" choosing either “Episodic” or “Serial.”

3. To save these changes, click "Update Show." 

Seasons & Episodes

You'll now also be able to help listeners distinguish between seasons of your show, alongside what audio is an episode, trailer or bonus piece of content. 

This means you should no longer list episode/season numbers in your show title, the Apple Podcasts app will now have the information needed to sort them correctly.

How to add seasons and differentiate between your content

1. If your show has seasons, simply adjust the “Seasons” number (follow step 1 and 2 above and then select the season number).

2. To save these changes, click "Update Show."

3. To make changes to existing episodes, click on your “show’s title”.

4. Click the “Actions” button next to an existing episode and then “Edit.”

5. Adjust the “Season” and “Episode” numbers. 

6. Adjust your episode "Type" choosing between "Full", "Trailer" or "Bonus."

7. Make sure you remove any episode/season numbers in your show's “Title.”

8. To save these changes, click "Update Episode" and repeat steps 3-7 to update other episodes.