Here's a step-by-step guide to import your content from your self-hosted RSS feed to Whooshkaa without losing any of your subscribers!

The process involves telling iTunes, apps and other podcast directories you've changed address and to pull from your new Whooshkaa RSS feed.

Go to Whooshkaa

1. Log in to your account

2. Click on My Shows then click on the name of your Show

3. Copy your RSS feed

4. Insert the following line of code at the <channel level>


<itunes:new-feed-url>*paste your Whooshkaa RSS feed*</itunes:new-feed-url>


iTunes will then pick up on this change within a few days. We also recommend keeping the old feed in place for a few weeks to ensure all subscribers are moved across.


Once iTunes has picked up on the change we recommend performing a 301 redirect. To perform this open up your .htaccess file located in your root or public folder. Then copy and paste the following directly below the RewriteBase / 


RewriteRule ^path/to/old/feed path/to/old/feed *paste your Whooshkaa RSS feed*


Finally, remember to change the path/to/old/feed to your real RSS path.