Apple Podcasts (AKA iTunes) is where the majority of podcasts are found and heard. In fact, Apple's podcast app accounts for about 65% of all podcast listening. Once you've setup your podcast in Whooshkaa, submitting it to Apple Podcasts is straight forward. 

Just follow the below steps:

Go to Whooshkaa

1. Log in to your account

2. Click on My Shows & Episodes then click on the name of your Show

3. Copy your Whooshkaa RSS address then press "Submit to iTunes"

4. A new browser window will open prompting you to enter your Apple ID and Password. You can use your iTunes Store account however if your podcast is aligned to a work related project, it's worthwhile creating a new Apple ID that's not personally aligned to you. You should do this using an email address you can access. You can create a new Apple ID here.

5. Once signed, click the '+' button in the top left. Then paste your Whooshkaa RSS feed. 

6. Press "validate". Check your details are correct and press "submit".

7. You will receive an 'iTunes Store Podcast Created Successfully' email (to the account linked to your Apple ID) notifying you that your podcast is under review. This can take up to 14 days however usually happens within 24-48 hours. 

8. Once you receive an 'iTunes Store Podcast Approved' email from Apple, copy the URL included in the email (E.g.

9. In Whooshkaa, select "reviews"

10. Paste your iTunes URL as prompted and select "Confirm & Save".

Note, once you've submitted your new podcast, each episode you upload via Whooshkaa will be automatically added to Apple Podcasts. This may take a few hours before Apple re-scans your RSS feed, or you can force a re-scan by selected "Refresh Feed" in Podcast Connect.